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    77A modifier can only be executed when nothing else is running.  
    88A non-modifier can only not be executed when a modifier is running.  
     10Consider the following examples: 
     11* A long running semantic query has been started from the {{{ri}}} module. Until the query has not been finished, nobody can add files from the {{{ri}}} module nor from the web interface, but another semantic query or a dependency examination can be started from any interface. 
     13* Database synchronization has been started from the web interface. Until the synchronization has not been finished, nobody can run a semantic query, can add content to the database from any interface. 
     15A list of the groups of modifiers is given below.  
     16Every operation, which belongs to one of the listed groups, is demonstrated by giving the corresponding function from the {{{ri}}} module. We note that all of the user interfaces of the !RefactorErl is supervised by the same job server, so the same rules apply to them. 
     17* Managing the content of the database: 
     19ri:reset/0, ri:reset/1,        % reset the database 
     20ri:add/1, ri:add/2,            % add content 
     21ri:drop/1,                     % drop content 
     22ri:backup/0, ri:backup/1,      % make a backup 
     23ri:undo/0,                     % undo  
     24ri:restore/1,                  % restore previous backup 
     25ri:database_synchronization/0, % synchronize the database 
     27* Managing environmental nodes: 
     29ri:addenv/2, %add an env. 
     30ri:delenv/1, %delete an env. 
     31ri:setenv/2  %set an env. 
     33* Managing graphs (advanced topic): 
     35ri:create_graph/1,         % create a new graph 
     36ri:rename_graph/2,         % rename a graph 
     37ri:load_graph/1,           % load a graph 
     38ri:delete_graph/1,         % delete a graph 
     39ri:delete_all_graphs/0     % delete all graphs 
    1043== How to restrict the enabled user-level operations?